Repose Table

Repose is designed to be a functional, task-driven auxiliary table that does not immediately betray its usefulness.

Furniture Design

So many laptop tables intended to make working on a sofa or lounge chair are rendered obsolete as technology advances and styles change. Repose’ design is intended to combat this by cleverly integrating the functional elements into a deceptively robust frame by delivering that functionality at exactly the right time for the user.

Elements such as the void cut into the ring are intended to make it easy for someone to pull the table close to them for better ergonomics, while not worrying about being encumbered by the foot of a sofa. Having the table employ only two legs reinforces the usefulness by allowing the table to snug up against the lip of a sofa even closer.

Finally, the underside of the oversized table surface is scalloped not just to lessen the weight of the piece and therefore make it easier to move around, but those scallops terminate by the underside edge of the table surface and function as handles to reinforce the design intent of the piece.

However, should it become unnecessary in the future to use this table to support working on a laptop on a piece of soft seating, the table is still designed to be aesthetically beautiful, interesting, and masterfully crafted to be a table that lasts generations.

Manufactured and Sold by Wooda


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