Pollima Carbon Negative Furniture

Pollima’s vision is a future where the manufacturing of furniture can be a net positive for our environment.

Product Development

100% carbon-negative furniture, not just for the individual pieces, but carbon negative across the entire company. This vision is what compelled me to work with Ardilla Deneys, Pollima’s visionary founder, on the design of the chair and table that is the company’s first offering.

These pieces are unique not only for their CO2 negative mandate, but they will establish the design language for Pollima as a furniture manufacturer. Early design investigation remained relatively tame but did not capture the imaginative spirit Pollima’s founder saw for the company. Over time, the aesthetic morphed to embody a biomimetic character that pulled from both floral and insect architectures. The pressed and molded construction of the hemp substrate and soy-based binder allows the design to remain highly sculptural and expressive.

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