Kivvit NYC Headquarters

Kivvit, a top national public affairs strategy firm, approached us to design their new headquarters in Lower Manhattan that would represent

Interior Design

After scoping out the project and understanding the nature of how the Kivvit teams are adept at transitioning between working independently and in groups, we agreed on an open plan that would take advantage of the natural height of their new office space, but maintain existing conference rooms and work rooms for private meetings, calls, and impromptu strategy sessions. As part of the design development, we made sure to take ownership of their newly minted master brand color, affectionately dubbed: Kivvit Gold.

Timing for this project was crucial. The conversation with Kivvit began in mid-August, 2015, with a proposed move-in date of October 5th that same year. We set an aggressive construction schedule of 3 weeks and worked closely with the GC and all necessary consultants on the planning stage for the project. This meant that as soon as the client approved our final design, all parties involved could immediately begin working.

5,500 sqft

New York, NY

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